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Azerbaijan National Cuisine

Azerbaijani cuisine (Azərbaycan mətbəxi) is the national cuisine of the Azerbaijani people, which is also the cuisine of the peoples of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan's national food is very diverse, with dozens of different kinds of dishes: dairy, meat, flour, vegetable, etc. The methods of cooking and consuming food are different and diverse. In the past, food also varied depending on the geographical conditions and social status of people [1]. The main components of the cuisine are determined by the prescriptions of Islam and the country's natural conditions: the mountain and subtropical climate have caused widespread use of mutton, poultry, river and sea (Caspian) fish, as well as fruits and vegetables in Azerbaijani cuisine. Spices and seasonings, as well as a variety of greens: parsley, watercress, green and black basil, dill, coriander, bitter and sweet pepper, cilantro, mint, celery, tarragon, leek, green onion, sour cherry, etc., have become widespread. .